Leadership Messages

Leadership Messages:

Leadership Messages

Voices of Leadership

Edward M. EllisonEdward M. Ellison, MD
Executive Medical Director
and Chairman of the Board,
Southern California Permanente Medical Group

We are the answer to Health Care in America.

Our coordinated, integrated care delivery model supports our mission and vision to provide care that is not only of the highest quality, but caring, convenient and affordable.

We also know that every new health care law has the potential to impact us and our ability to deliver on that vision.

It is vital that we communicate with prospective legislators, making sure they understand what we stand for and provide support for those who embrace our ideals.

CAPMG is our political voice and plays a major role in ensuring that.

Please contribute generously to the CAPMG PAC.

Robert PearlRichard Issacs, MD
Executive Director and
Chief Executive Officer,
The Permanente Medical Group, Inc

We are acknowledged leaders in health care. We have distinguished ourselves in providing outstanding quality and personalized care to our patients. As leaders, our political voice is important now, more than ever.

We created CAPMG Political Action Committee (PAC) to enable us to meet with legislative candidates, tell our story and help elect decision makers who share our goals of expanding access to high quality care and preserving the role of physician led care delivery in California.

Our PAC has made great strides, but needs your support to continue its work.

Contributions to the CAPMG PAC are an investment in protecting the ability of physicians and patients to make the best clinical decision and to preserve our model of practice. And through our efforts, we can support candidates who share our goals and support our approach to care delivery.