Steering Committee

Steering Committee:


Michelle Caughey
Michelle Caughey, MD, Chair, Internal Medicine, TPMG

Ken Grullon
Ken Grullon, MD, Gynecology, TPMG

David Lerman
David Lerman, MD, JD. Family Medicine, SCPMG

Michael Neri
Michael Neri, Jr. MD, Family Medicine, SCPMG

Richard Isaacs
Richard Isaacs, MD, Head and Neck Oncology, TPMG

Diana Shiba
Diana Shiba, MD, Ophthalmology, SCPMG

Shannon Udovic-Constand
Shannon Udovic-Constand, MD, Pediatrics, TPMG


Traci Perry
Executive Director

Liz Rothberg-Smith

CAPMG Steering Committee

As California Permanente physicians, we have a lot to be proud of.

Our physician-led mode of practice. Our partnership with patients. Our proven clinical excellence and nationally recognized quality leadership.

When health care legislation is debated, we want the best chance of a good outcome.

That is why The Permanente Medical Group and the Southern California Permanente Medical Group created California Permanente Medical Groups (CAPMG) political action committee.

CAPMG is our political arm. Our job is to help elect lawmakers who understand and share our values.

On behalf of CAPMG Steering Committee — This is our pledge.

  • No one will work harder than we will.
  • Our priority will always be the Permanente Medical Group model.
  • We will devote our full energy to electing officials who will work with us on enacting the best possible health care legislation.

Like you, we are passionate about our goals and optimistic about our success. Please join us by clicking on the “Contribute” button now.

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Michelle Caughey, MD