Our Story

The CAPMG Story

California Permanente physicians have a lot to fight for.

  • Our physician-led mode of practice
  • Our partnership with our patients and our communities
  • Our proven clinical excellence and nationally recognized quality leadership

Part of that fight is in Sacramento, where state lawmakers debate changes affecting us.

That’s why The Permanente Medical Group and the Southern California Permanente Medical Group created California Permanente Medical Groups (CAPMG) political action committee.

CAPMG contributes directly to campaigns to help elect people who share our values.

Last year, CAPMG interviewed 28 State Senate and Assembly hopefuls…told our story… listened… helped elect people who embrace our ideals.

That’s a big part of protecting physician-led health care and MICRA.

It is also a job that never ends.

The term-limited legislature is dominated by new faces. Newcomers to the debate. New voices on far-reaching health care changes that may affect health care delivery and coverage decisions.

Our goal is to have the best lawmakers — with the best information — whenever new state health care laws are considered.

That’s why we need your help.